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EZY-CRD-GO is an interdisciplinary and international project lead by Technische Universität Berlin, Chair id Sustainable Urban Planning and Design, CyPhyLab – laboratory for cyber-physivcal systems in architecture and urban design. It is an EIT Digital Innovation Activity is the  focus area Digital Cities. The Innovation Activity is funded by EIT Digital (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) as part of Horizon 2020, the largest EU Research and Innovation programm.

Innovation Activity​


EZY-CRD-GO is an EIT Digital Innovation Activity in the Focus Area Digital Cities. Based on a consortial organisational structure the following partners are pooling their respective academic, research and industrial expertise: Technical University of Berlin (TUB), Telecom Italia S.p.A. (TIM), Experientia Srl (EXP),  Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz Institute (HHI) and the Polytechnic University of Milan (Polimi). 


The EZY-CRD-GO solution offers crowd guidance (i.e., per light-as-a-service) and exit strategies for stakeholders (e.g., security guards) from event management and facility operations. An IoT based exit and way-finding platform guides large crowds safely out of mass events (e.g., football, festivals). Intelligent lights are used for dynamic real-time feedback of the crowd’s behaviour. 


We work on the success of EZY-CRD-GO for event managers, planners and operators to increase their visitors’ satisfaction, orientation, and comfort during an event. For visitors, EZY-CRD-GO supports venue navigation. For event operators, it supports an understanding of crowd movement behavior. The data analysis platform enhances planning for safety in venues. The dashboard helps to manage event entry and exit gates with relevant real-time information. The goal is to create a safer environment for visitors.

EZY Leaflet

EZY Factsheet

Method & Technology

IoT Devices
A sensing component enables crowd analysis. It includes GPS, a RaspberryPi4 to control cameras for crowd density analysis, and a WiFi Module to streams anonymized data to our cloud platform.

A lighting component delivers information transmitted by the sensor stack and cloud. The lights inform the event visitors about gate status, whether occupied or accessible.

A graphic user interface component visualizes the venue situation in real-time in a dashboard for event operators. It shows metrics on crowd density and recommends safe choices.

Function Diagram
This diagram shows how EZY-CRD-GO is working. Real-time data is shown to the end user. 

supported by

European Institute of Innovation and Technology

Funding Body


Technische Universität Berlin

TUB is project lead; responsible for lightning shell design; front- and back-end development; sensor API


Experientia will define the UX/UI strategy and information architecture design


TIM will contribute to overall solution architecture, cloud hosting, dashboards, REST interfaces to connect lighting and wayfinding devices

Politecnico Milano

PoLiMi : Development of mobile app prototype, lighting design validation and customer validation for app development

Fraunhofer HHI

HHI will develop further an existing technical design of sensor/ data/ communications network. sensors include: noise levels, humidity, tempperature, lux levels, PIR/proximity

Boldly Go

Technology and innovation consultancy Boldly Go Industries is responsible for the development of the desktop and mobile front-end.

Project Team at TU Berlin​

Liss C. Werner
Lab Leader, computational architecture and cybernetics

Suryaveer Patnaik
Data Analysis and Development

Valmir Kastrati
Bio-Computation and Digital Architecture

Theresa Lohse
Research Support and Graphics

Martin Baier
Research Support and Websites


Liss C. Werner
Assist. Professor
computational architecture and cybernetics

TU Berlin | Fak VI | Institut für Architektur
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